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Do you offer anything for free?

For sure. You can try out most of my stuff for free.
Written by Frederik Vink
Updated 8 months ago

Three things you can get for free on the SST website:

  1. 20 custom studies inside the FreeBundle
  2. A trial to almost any of the custom Sierra Chart studies that I offer
  3. Trading Journal Excel Spreadsheet to track your trading results

The FreeBundle of custom Sierra Chart studies

The very first product I made available was the FreeBundle of Sierra Chart studies. These 20 studies are used by a 1000+ serious traders around the globe. 

A few studies that are part of the bundle:

  • Forex Factory news items on your chart
  • Ehler RSI
  • Laguerre RSI
  • HOLP/LOHP Signal study (J. Carter)
  • Automatic Screenshot study
  • ...
The FreeBundle gets regular updates. 

Free trials on studies from the SST Custom Study Library

The best way to test my studies is to take a free trial.

Browse the available studies on my gumroad page or check out the blog for some tutorials.

Some very popular studies are:

A free trial provides a license key which will be emailed to you including simple instructions to activate the license and start using the study. 

Free Trading Journal

When you sign up for any of my studies on my gumroad page, you will get access to an excel file that you can use to journal your trades. The download is available right away.

You can read the download instructions here 👈.
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