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Do you only code for the Sierra Chart trading platform?

Focus is the key to great results.
Written by Frederik Vink
Updated 7 months ago

Why only Sierra Chart?

Sierra Chart is the best trading platform for anyone that is serious about trading futures. No bigger bang for your buck. I chose Sierra Chart as my trading platform a long time ago.

Focus over a longer period of time is the key to any success in life. This applies to trading as well as software development.

By focusing only on custom Sierra Chart development, I get to work with my kind of people. Serious folks who trade for a living and want to continue to be the best at their game.

Who do you want to work with? A Jack of all trades, a master of none? Or ...
A developer with years of experience who trades as well and knows the platform in and out?

Frederik was an absolute pleasure to work with, everything you could ask for in a dev. He was able to execute the algo to my requirements perfectly, with patience and flexibility when required. If considering a dev for your project look no further. Nic H, Australia

I only develop custom code for serious traders that run their business on the Sierra Chart trading platform. That way you will get the best. No distractions, pure focus, great results.

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