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What Sierra Chart services do you offer at SST?

Sierra Chart users are my kind of people. Let me explain how I can help you.
Written by Frederik Vink
Updated 7 months ago

Are you an independent trader?

You can contact me here 👈 and start a conversation.

Are you running a trading group or trading service and rely on Sierra Chart?

  • Interested in white labeling some of the SST studies?
  • Want to provide custom study access to your customers without the hassle?
  • Looking to bring an indicator to the marketplace?
  • Want to show your price levels or signals to any customer's chart in real-time?
  • Looking for access to a developer who also happens to trade?
You can contact me here đŸ‘ˆ and start a conversation.

Are you not using Sierra Chart?

I can not help you if you do not use Sierra Chart. Take your time to know the Sierra Chart platform and maybe you will be back in the future.

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